How do I start the course?

Thank you for choosing Filtered!

To get started, go to the dashboard where you can access all your courses. The dashboard of the last course visited is where you'll land every time you log into the site.


To personalise your learning, click on 'Take Filter'. This will take you to our patented personalisation tool which will ask you questions and use your answers to adapt the syllabus to your specific learning needs.

If you just want to start with the full syllabus, click on 'Start course' instead. This will take you to the first module of the course in your own syllabus.

Note: you can always change your mind and take the filter at any point, though it is recommended you do at the outset for the best results.


On the left hand-side, under the filtered logo, are the course you're currently on and the button to switch between your available courses.


You can switch between versions of your course under the course title in the course dashboard. Simply click on change version to have all the available versions displayed.

Note: Not all courses have more than one version.


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